Farmers Helpline and Support

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What crop to grow? How best to grow it? What seed/fertilizer to use and when? Answers to these questions have never been more critical and relevant today with billions of mouths to feed while pursuing sustainable agriculture and dealing with climate change.

Traditionally crop advisory for farmers has come from other farmers and from local “historical experience”. While that may be useful in limited ways, that mechanism does not incorporate proper scientific know-how and advances in agri technology and processes.


We Provide Cost Effective Advisory Services To Our Associated Farmers

Crop Planning & Growth

Disease Detection

Pesticide Dosage

Best Harvesting Practices

Our analytics technology seeks to provide personalized advisory based on each farmers individual farming conditions. DeHaat Technology Platform provides features to send out reminder notifications in local language relevant information related to crop monitoring, weather and market. Given that the Farmers still less digitally connected and culturally may prefer a human direct interaction - we provide advisory in offline modes as well. Just a phone call to our Call Center will provide the Farmer advisory from human operator. Farmer can also physically visit their nearest DeHaat Center. Our Technology Solution integrates all services on a single platform that includes last mile connection to the farmers doorstep including Agri Input he needs for next planting.

Automatic Crop Advisory Calls

You don"t necessarily have to know details about every crop.DeHaat, through periodic crop advisory calls and messages, not only keeps you informed about all the major problems of ongoing/current crop but also guide you step-by-step to overcome the problem through detailed expert advice. The purpose of the crop advisory is to ensure right information and knowledge on crop production that is actionable is delivered to the farming household so that they are able to take action in time to achieve steady crop productivity and production.

DeHaat Advisory Team

With proper guidance by the advisory team of DeHaat , having knowledge of Agriculture with detail micro level on field experience of average 8+years which brings highly cost-effective module of farmers advisory services in local language, farmers can overcome the problems they face during whole process of cultivation.

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