Agri Output

Harvest & Market Access

Agri Output is cumulative result of nature’s bounty and farmers ingenuity and hard work even so, unfortunately that does not always translate to deserving monetary rewards for the farmer.

Variety of “middlemen” and logistical hurdles become serious impediments between Farmers and high-paying Institutional Buyers, resulting in lack of price transparency for farmer, price increase at both ends due to multiple handling, as well as post-harvest losses. In this process farmers do not receive good farm gate prices for their produce.

There is tremendous scope of technology-enabled disruption and development in this sector. DeHaat Technology Solution has been designed to create a transparent marketplace to provide direct market access to farmers and a reliable supply chain for large institutional buyers. With our “last mile connection” with the farmers and their farms, we continue direct on-field monitoring over quantity and quality over the produce growth cycle and provide full logistical support for harvesting and transportation, storage at conveniently located DeHaat Collection Centers – thus eliminating distress selling and the meddling middlemen that has been affecting Farmers in India for generations. This has resulted an increment of up to 20% gate prices for the farmer.

Our Brand

FarmPlus is an initiative of DeHaat aimed at connecting farmers to retailers, offering best quality products and enabling right price realisation.

With 4,00,000 MT of fresh and dry produce processed yearly and almost 8000 agri orders per day, Farm Plus has become one of India's largest distributors and importers of these ...

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Box full of farm fresh supplies
Benefits to Output Buyers

Visibility Of Supplies With Assured Quality

No Operational Burden Of Managing Operations At Village Level

Scope Of Customization In Production

Direct Access To Farmers

Customized Sorting And Grading At Farm Gate

Facilities available

In house packhouse availability

Auto Sorting/Grading Systems

Fruit And Vegetable Cleaning And Drying Systems

Sulphite Fumigation Treatment Chambers

Banana Ripening Chambers

Precooling And Cold Chambers

Trained Manpower To Customize Quality And Size Requirement

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