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Among its multiple services, DeHaat App provides frequent crop reminder notification voice calls in local language to the farmer specific to their crop requirements. Thus, Farmers were informed about the right dosage of input as well as the best available crop consultation. It also provide the farmers with the flexibility to order input through our App and even sell their output directly to Dehaat through the app, removing middleman at mandi price. They even start getting customized advisory services through automated messages and voice calls based on real-time information.

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Features of Farmer application

Farmers can register their queries by uploading the issue on DeHaat App which can be solved in the least time possible.
Buy Input
You can order the best quality input through DeHaat App at a very reasonable price.
Sell Produce
They can also sell their produces directly to the institutional buyers at the end of the cropping season through Dehaat App at mandi price which ultimately improves the farmer’s income.
Soil Testing
For the diagnosis of their soil, farmers request soil testing through DeHaat app which provides the baseline information of the health of the soil.
Weather Report
We keep on notifying about the upcoming weather changes from time to time through messages and proper App notification.
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